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Light rail, again?

Once again, a new year and, once again, the subject of a light-rail system in the Inland Northwest pops up like the lilacs of the area. What part of “no” isn’t understood, members of the Inland Empire Rail Transit Association?

We still have empty Spokane Transit Authority buses running around Spokane Valley, so I’m thinking that part of our mass transit system isn’t earning its keep. The voters have turned down this idea more than once but, like a noxious weed, it surfaces again.

If built, it would benefit the few at the expense of the many. A rail system to Cheney and northward along the corridor sounds like the light rail to Liberty Lake and, in the end, the majority of taxpayers probably won’t or can’t use it. Of course, if we could light rail everyone to everywhere, then we wouldn’t need to fix the potholes or the ruts in the roads because we wouldn’t need them.

We could let our roadways devolve back into dirt trails and partially paved bike paths, which would thrill mountain bikers and horse riders. We’d be really getting back “near nature!” I guess we’d all benefit then.

Jeff Nelson



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