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Sun., May 25, 2014

Phone books obsolete

As I left my house the other day, I saw a continuing problem on my door step: a phone book. I picked it up and added it to the other six I have collected over the last few years, and I ask myself, “Why?” The question arises, “Are these really needed still?”

With technology today and a large number of the population not having landlines, I struggled with the purpose of continuing to waste resources. I remember as a kid needing them to find people’s phone number or the local pizza place, but today I quickly rely on the Internet.

Sure, not everyone has a smartphone or a computer that is easily accessible, but wouldn’t we be better off focusing on more eco-friendly services, such as the Internet and increasing the information accessible by phone (411). Do local businesses still budget marketing funds for the ads?

A solution here would be to stop the production and the waste of traditional phone books and relocate the jobs in that industry into positions that would support the new technological advances. I strongly believe that the phone book is obsolete, and I doubt I am the only one.

Andy Duncan

Spokane Valley

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