May 27, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Colleges misfire on security


Regarding the May 23 story on Idaho campus gun carry: It’s truly amazing that Idaho’s college and university administrators would consider increasing security due to the newly passed campus carry law.

Let’s insert some common sense and logic into this: Why would the schools consider arming security personnel, buying body armor and increasing training because law-abiding citizens, who will undergo specific training, shooting exercises and background checks, will be allowed to carry a firearm?

They would not previously consider these measures to protect students and faculty from nut-case killers who prefer to target gun-free zones to kill multiple (unarmed) people? After years of data and experience, concealed carry holders have proved to be among the most law-abiding segments of our society.

Violent crime almost always drops after passing these laws. Many of the students and faculty who will upgrade to enhanced concealed carry already have the basic permit, but they are not gunning down the innocent off-campus. However, I am concerned that once concealed weapons holders cross onto campus, they may undergo the same magical loss of common sense and logic that apparently grossly affects Idaho’s college and university administrators.

Maybe this is the reason for their concern?

Stan Myers

Hope, Idaho

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