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Crack down on phones

The May 19 “Getting There” column says law enforcement officers will put more emphasis on cellphone and texting use while driving during the Click It or Ticket It campaign. While it sounds good, I don’t think it will happen.

Too many people still think they have to talk, text and drive at the same time. They just seem to be able to conceal it better. The fine for such an offense should be raised to at least $2,000, and traffic courts should not be allowed to reduce the fines.

I find it hard to believe that self-centered people still disregard this state law, as if it is not for them but everybody else. By raising this fine, if a person is caught, maybe they will think twice before talking and texting when they have to pay a large fine.

I have an extended message on my phone that states: “I can’t answer your call right now as I am driving, and I do not drive, talk or text at the same time. I’ll return your call ASAP.”

Please, people, if you must talk or text while at the wheel, please pull over. When you don’t, lives are at stake.

Barb Beck



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