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Wed., May 28, 2014

Obama-bashing a sign

Why all this Obama bashing?

Unfortunately, humanity has exhibited a historic penchant for using anything – race, religion, national origin, skin color, gender – as a reason to discriminate. The act of discrimination gives the discriminators superior economic and/or political power; the power to reduce or eliminate competition for jobs, lifestyle, etc., simply by eliminating the discriminated from the opportunity pool.

Alarmingly, today, in its current form, this reprehensible propensity is subverting and destabilizing the economic well-being, political stability and scientific and educational capabilities of our republic. The rebirth in the last two or three decades of a brown shirt mentality by nothing less than our current Republican leadership is a core element, one that threatens to drag otherwise good citizens and their nation – this nation! – into history’s gutter as it did other nations’ citizens during the 1930s and 1940s.

Sadly, it’s not that the Democratic leadership is so much better than the Republican leadership. It’s just that the Republican leadership is in so many extreme and perilous ways so much fouler than the Democratic leadership. I despise voting for the least bad, but that is what the Republican leadership has forced upon so many of us, often those who used to vote Republican.

Donald Capstick


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