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Transporting destruction

Being stalled in our auto while mile-long trains move through our beloved city may be only a nuisance. The real problem is that these trains are exporting our precious nonrenewable energy resources, which we should be preserving for our children. Every pound of carbon in those trains is converted into 3.67 pounds of carbon dioxide, much of it returned to us on the prevailing westerly winds as greenhouse gases.

Once mined or extracted, the coal and petroleum are gone, but the greenhouse gases may linger for years. We can only hope that our political parties can join hands and deal promptly with this vital issue.

Robert Schwandt

Spokane Valley


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State lawmakers want to create a legislative loophole in Washington’s Public Records Act. While it’s nice to see Democrats and Republicans working together for once, it’s just too bad that their agreement is that the public is the enemy. As The Spokesman-Review’s Olympia reporter Jim Camden explained Feb. 22, lawmakers could vote on a bill today responding to a court order that the people of Washington are entitled to review legislative records.