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Milbank nails problem

Dana Milbank (Nov. 20) does a great job in laying out the problem with our political system.

He says, “More than ever in America, elections are purchased, not won. And that money comes from corporate and wealthy interests. Run against corporations and you lose that money – and the election.”

He goes on to explain, “The 2014 McCutcheon ruling struck down limits on the aggregate amount a wealthy donor could give to candidates, parties and political action committees. In addition, the wealthy are finding more ways to exploit the 2010 Citizens United ruling and other campaign-finance decisions that give super PACs and unregulated ‘dark money’ even more influence, further diluting the power of low-dollar contributions.”

At the end of the article, Milbank raises the question, “Who does the government work for?” He then concludes, “The answer is easy: The people who bought it.”

He points out the problem, and the reason for it, but does not offer a solution. The solution is a constitutional amendment that corporations do not have the constitutionally protected rights of people, and money is not protected free speech and can be regulated.

Ed Hope