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STA Plaza is valuable

The Spokane Transit Authority is giving the city a necessary and desirable service, and I hope the plaza will stay where it is, with or without the proposed changes.

I usually take the bus downtown because it is more convenient than driving and parking. STA is a godsend when there’s snow and ice. I also use the service when I have out-of-town visitors. We take the bus downtown and enjoy Riverfront Park, after which we go to the Peacock Lounge in the Davenport Hotel. After a few drinks and dinner, we go to the bus plaza for the ride home. If I had to drive, I couldn’t enjoy libations with my friends.

Riding the STA is a great way to show visitors our city, although the experience is less enjoyable for them if we get a bus with ads plastered all over the windows.

Jim VanderMeer