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Letters to the Editor

Wed., Sept. 3, 2014, midnight

Cabins should be removed

In a move to get the Idaho Department of Lands out of the business of cabin site renting, that government entity has auctioned off 59 of these sites along Priest Lake, making permanent the private use of these lands. It was already bad enough that this land had been leased to private individuals, making it inaccessible to the public. But now that inaccessibility is permanent.

Realizing that the land around Priest Lake is some of the most pristine and increasingly rare wilderness left on our planet apparently did not occur to those granted the privilege of having authority over it. Those leases should have been allowed to expire, the cabins removed and the land allowed to return to its natural state. If we don’t do everything we can to reclaim and protect these wilderness lands, it won’t be long before there won’t be any left to protect.

People who believe they should own building lots in wilderness areas are no better than those who would strip mine, drill, and/or rape our wilderness areas with no regard to the future or health of our planet. Shame on you.

Steve Barber


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