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Fri., Sept. 5, 2014

Where is humane death?

Let me first say that, yes, I am one of those bleeding heart liberals who believe abortion needs to be an option, unless one of the people who says no is planning on raising that child. I also believe we shouldn’t be in the business of killing – capital punishment – although some people I’m sure deserve it for the horrible things they have done.

A few weeks ago, our 16-year-old dog, which had been sick, finally let us know it was time. We took him to the vet so he could peacefully go to sleep. A vet tech who we had known for years and knew the dog cried with us for a while, and then gently, peacefully, and quickly his suffering was over.

A single shot – no thrashing, snorting, fighting – he just went to sleep. Why is this possible for our pets and not for a human being that we have decided needs to die?

Mary Williams