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Riccelli bill is needed

Three cheers for Rep. Marcus Riccelli for sponsoring a bill (HB 2610) to allow two extra commissioner seats for counties where the population exceeds 300,000 people. I feel that a five-member board eliminates some cronyism, and creates a more fair decision-making process.

Even as I look back over the eight years that I served as Stevens County commissioner, we had 67 committees divided among the three of us, which took us much time and many miles to attend to various organizations and devote time to their problems and suggestions. At times, I felt that some board of commissioner issues were decided unjustly on a two-to-one argument.

Can you imagine a city council of only three members, or running a large industrial or financial corporation with only three members? There can be some issues where one of three members does not know exactly how to vote on certain decisions and will vote either way just to satisfy a fellow member.

This bill, if passed, should also be optional for any other county. I have known Riccelli for many years, and have always enjoyed his words of wisdom.

Tony Delgado

Loon Lake