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Former police union president facing new criminal charge

Former Spokane Police Guild president John Gately pleaded not guilty Friday to a new charge of rendering criminal assistance in connection with a police officer accused of rape.

Gately is now facing three charges in connection with his role in the investigation into officer Gordon Ennis’ alleged rape of a fellow officer; one count of obstructing a law enforcement officer and two counts of rendering criminal assistance.

“I assume that they’re talking about the fact that Ennis allegedly clipped his fingernails,” said Gately’s attorney, David Allen.

Investigators have argued that Gately tipped off Ennis about the rape investigation and about a search warrant detectives were writing. When investigators arrived at Ennis’ attorney’s office to collect DNA evidence they reported that Ennis’ fingernails had recently been clipped so short that no useful evidence could be obtained, according to court documents.

Allen said Gately was acting in his role as union president when he contacted Ennis.

“Nothing that John Gately did in any way hindered their investigation,” Allen said.

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