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Trump is no scout

A boy scout is trustworthy; Trump is shifty and slippery. A boy scout is loyal; Trump is unfaithful and dishonest. A boy scout is helpful; Trump is neglectful and unsympathetic. A boy scout is friendly; Trump is hostile and abusive. A boy scout is courteous; Trump is disrespectful and contemptuous of others. A boy scout is kind; Trump is hateful and cruel. A boy scout is obedient; Trump is contrary and seditious. A boy scout is cheerful; Trump is grumpy and dystopian. A boy scout is thrifty; Trump is stingy and selfish. A boy scout is brave; Trump is a fear monger and a coward who has no concept of moral courage. A boy scout is clean; Trump is filthy mouthed and piggish. A boy scout is reverent; Trump is disrespectful and only adores and worships himself.

Thanks to the Boy Scouts of America for inviting this best “worst example of manhood” to strut and preen in full political attack mode before our impressionable young men. What a great example of what they should note aspire to be.

Bob Johnston



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