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Park Board should decide

I am amazed the Park Board didn’t study the cost, durability and feasibility for a cover on the Pavilion before asking voters to pass the bond. I had envisioned perhaps a fiberglass covering that would last for decades. Now we have no idea if the structure will support any type of lasting cover.

If the Pavilion is to be a lasting icon into the future for Spokane, beauty and visibility is likely of utmost importance rather than a roof. That is why I am intrigued by the proposal for lights and reflector panels. There are incredible and magical technologies in lighting these days. So numerous that it would take much time to evaluate and study.

These decisions are not for voters to determine unless voters could experience a demonstration along with all the factors.

This is why we have a Park Board to make decisions in the best interests of the citizenry and the future pride of Spokane for generations to come. It is obvious that a decision will require much more careful study and consideration.

Allan LeTourneau



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