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Proud of McCain

I am so disappointed in Mr. Trump. The way he bullies and taunts anyone that doesn’t do or agree with what he wants. This is a bad example to set for our younger generation. The White House used to be an office of respect. Now, it’s embarrassing and a joke.

I am so proud of John McCain for standing up for he believed what was right. I wish John McCain was our president. A man of honor, courage, pride, conviction and most of all, an American hero.

Thank you, John McCain, for being a respected member on the hill that our children can look up to with pride and respect.

You are a hero — someone Americans can trust and most important of all, someone Donald Trump cannot push around. John McCain, I wish you good luck on your recovery and treatment with brain cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Dolores Hagen

Spokane Valley


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