Police apprehend one of two men who escaped a fire crew Tuesday

Police in Portland, Ore., caught one of two men who escaped from a Goldendale fire crew early Tuesday morning.

Tyray Hensley Munter, 30, was taken into custody Wednesday morning at an east Portland 7-Eleven, Portland’s east precinct tweeted.

Police are still looking for Maksim Konstantin Petrovskiy, 22, who was last seen in the Portland area.

Both men were part of a crew of 80 inmates assisting firefighters on the Head Water Fire near Goldendale.

Munter was serving a 6-year sentence for assault and theft. He was expected to be released in 2020.

Petrovskiy was serving a 33-month sentence for auto theft and was due to be released next December. Both were sentenced in Snohomish County Court.

Authorities continue to advise anyone who sees Petrovskiy to contact Olympic Corrections Center at 360-374-6181, or to call 911.