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Tax cuts and Moore

I want to address two points today; one, that tax cuts cost government revenue and add to the deficit, and two, that Judge Moore needs to get out of the race because he has been accused of sexual abuse. I disagree on both.

The lie that tax cuts cost revenue and add to the deficit relies on static analysis and claims less taxes bring in less money. That is not true. Less taxes means more money in the private sector for jobs, which creates more taxpayers paying more taxes. The problem has always been added spending when revenues increase. The vast majority of time taxes are cut revenue to the Treasury has gone up. Congress always spends more to compensate. Demand spending decrease as well and pay off the debt.

Now about an accusation requiring one to get out of a race, what precedent does that set? I can guarantee if this works, then every time a Democrat is losing an election (like in this case) they will get someone to come forward and accuse the Republican of a crime. Dirty tricks and the Democrat Party have always gone hand in hand. We cannot allow them to get away with this.

Rob Leach



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