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In her Dec. 13 column, Trudy Rubin tells us she is going to Israel to try to find out if a solution to the peace process is possible. She will be questioning Israelis and also Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. She ends her column by asking readers to send her any questions they would like her to ask while she is there.

I suggest to Ms. Rubin that she ask Palestinian schoolteachers to show her the textbooks they use to educate their children. There she will find the answers as to why peace is not possible. First-grade through eighth-grade textbooks teach and promote Jew-hatred and encourage students to wage jihad. Religious hatred and violence against Israeli Jews is promoted in Sharia studies and calls for the “murder of all Jews, on whom Jihad and sacrifice are necessary.”

This is where Ms. Rubin will find the answer to her question. No, peace and a two-state solution are not possible as the Palestinian Authority raises up their next generation to carry on the hate and violence with the ultimate goal of destroying all Jews and controlling the entire state of Israel.

Cathy Uptain-Shive

Spokane Valley


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