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Concealed weapons across state borders

In response to: Shawn Vestal (“Congress misfires again on gun laws” Dec. 14):

Shawn, do we have to get a different state driver’s license if we go into another state? I bet people who don’t have a valid driver’s license wouldn’t care. Having a concealed carry from one state should be good if you visit or are driving through that state. Why would you have to compromise your safety just because you are temporarily in another state.

I have heard Democrats raving that this will make it so criminals would be able to cross state lines without worry; how many criminals have a carry permit and why would they care? The liberal press will not post how many cup holders have stopped what could have been a major press release, maybe that is why you are against law-abiding people carrying weapons that could stop this sort of crisis.

Remember, it’s already against the law to kill people. If they don’t have guns, they will find other ways to do it. It’s the people that need to change.

Jay Bellefeuille



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