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Marijuana-themed mobile apps appealing

In the pre-legal days, phones and weed weren’t always a winning combo.

Underground entrepreneurs never knew if The Man might be listening in, so some even developed code words, or conducted business transactions face-to-face. Even a decade ago, phones were pretty much used only for talking – how dull was that?

At the same time that the growing and selling of cannabis is becoming legal in more states, we’re also becoming more attached to our mobile devices. This has led to an abundance of mobile-based cannabis-themed activities and applications available atl app shops, from online social networks to entertaining games to office management tools for growers or retailers.

If you’re ready to go mobile to further your marijuana education and entertainment, check out some of these programs.


Some strains can make you nicely creative, which can explain the brain power that has gone into mobile entertainment options, everything from completely original games to one-off code rewrites of popular non-pot games, such as changing the corn in Farmville into cannabis, the menacing aliens in Space Invaders to advancing pot leaves or the apples in Fruit Ninja into bongs.

Weed Farm Musician Wiz Khalifa launched this game earlier this year which lets players experience the challenges and opportunities of the production side of the industry, including correct planting, growing and selling at a local and national level. Wiz calls WeedFarm “better than Pokemon.”

Weed Shop If you’re considering opening a retail operation, try being a virtual proprietor first and see how you do. Start with an empty storefront, then buy or grow your inventory, and then start bringing in those valuable customers. Remember, higher quality product means better sales!

Social networks

More than one start-up social network has claimed “we’re going to be the Facebook of Weed,” but so far, none have achieved the critical mass and market domination to truly deserve this title. But there are a variety of contenders.

Duby This network hopes to bring people together because of a shared interest in cannabis, whether for business interactions, sharing stories or even creating love connections. When businesses advertise, any site members physically near that location will receive a ping on their phones, which could possibly draw them into the store for that day’s special deal, or share the notification with other members.

High There Launch your relationship with a special someone by agreeing that pot is good and let things blossom from there. That’s the intent of this matchmaking network designed to connect fellow canna-enthusiasts for friendship, group discounts, or whatever.


With some stores offering too many cute/clever strain names, it’s not always easy to make informed choices. Thanks, Internet, for the opportunity for anyone to share opinions on the best batches, favorite shops and greatest growers.

MassRoots.. Get info about strains and edibles and then express your opinion. Search for products by plant type, flavors, effects, conditions, and manufacturer. If anything, it will give you a glimpse of the range of treats out there – did you know there’s Cannabis Caramel Corn? There’s also a good guide to writing better and more helpful reviews beyond “this (stuff) is gooooood and kinda dank.” The company has also been working on a public stock offering but NASDAQ has declined to list it.

< a href="">Leafly Learn all about strains and where to get them nearby, plus see slick videos on interesting dispensaries around the country. Users can post reviews, which can help or hurt a shop’s ranking, and follow reviewers they consider influential.

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