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Summer construction begins at the University of Idaho

The vast majority of university students may have forsaken Moscow in favor of their respective homes for a few summer months, but that doesn’t mean the University of Idaho campus will be much quieter than during the academic year.

In fact, the crush, rush and roar of campus life may even be more pronounced.

As spring turns to summer and most students abandon their books, apartments, dormitories and Greek houses, another group – summer construction crews – arrives on campus.

According to a list of construction projects slated for summer on the UI campus, at least 12 crews will be hard at work.

While some projects are larger than others – varying from replacing heating and cooling pipes in Gibb Hall to the raising of the brand new Aquaculture Research Institute Building on Sixth Street – each has the potential to affect academic life.

The Gibb Hall project on Idaho Avenue will have the least effect on students, faculty and staff, with UI facilities noting only minor noise and workers in the hallways. Work on the heating and cooling pipes has already begun and is expected to last until Sept. 1.

In contrast, work on the Environmental Health and Safety Building, located on West Sixth Street, will include the removal of external trim, stairs, a ramp, handrail and guardrail. Upon the removal of these amenities, the existing siding will receive a new coat of paint, new trim will be applied and painted and concrete porches, stairs, sidewalks and a ramp will be constructed.

UI facilities is requesting faculty, staff and students exercise caution in the area and to expect general construction activity, including heavy equipment and concrete work.

The start and finish dates on this project are not yet known, as contracts are still pending.

A project at the E.J. Iddings Agriculture and Science Building will include bathroom upgrades, the addition of an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant entrance, classroom modernization and corridor improvements will be ongoing in the through October. UI facilities is warning occupants of the building to expect construction noise, the possibility of temporary hallway closure and closure of pedestrian access between the building and neighboring Renfrew Hall.

About eight Gold parking spaces in lot 23 on Rayburn street are also being used to store construction staging and equipment.

Buchanan Engineering Laboratory on Urquhart Avenue will not be immune from summer work, as the university announced construction work will be ongoing until September as contractors replace water pipes, fume hoods and duct work. Guardrails are also being added on the building’s exterior. Two of the building’s laboratories – numbers 200 and 230 – will continue to be available, but other labs will be closed.

A renovation to the Idaho Commons Student Lounge is also underway, and passersby may notice work being done on the site of the incoming Aquaculture Research Institute Building, as the eight-month-long project – which will culminate with a 7,500-square-foot pre-engineered metal building – begins in earnest.

Once completed in December, the building will house offices, storage spaces and workshops.

Parking spaces will also be closed in Gold Lot 40 near the Administration Building and the Swim Center will be closed until Sept. 11 as tile and other upkeep work is completed.

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