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The Slice: Dave’s not in this foursome, man

When I moved to Spokane in the late ’80s, I was astonished to discover a personality type I had not encountered in my previous 30-plus years.

The counterculture golfer.

OK, maybe these guys were not currently immersed in the counterculture. In fact, I know most weren’t. Except for a few fashion and hairstyle affectations, they were about as mainstream at the Rotary Club.

Still, they maintained fond memories of those real or imagined rebellious days of their youth. And they liked to say “man” a lot, to signify that they could still let their freak flag fly.

Fine. To each, his own.

But in every other place I had lived – and I had lived in more than a few cities – those who wanted to maintain counterculture cred did not play golf. The divide was clear. Golf was viewed as something the suit-and-tie crowd was into.

But here in Spokane, things were different (as is often the case). And it took me a long time to figure it out.

Then I did. A few Spokane golfers smoke marijuana during their rounds.

That explains a lot.

It took me a while to realize that because I have not played golf in more than 40 years. So I wasn’t out there on the course, downwind of Cheech and Chong. One toke over the line.

But once I got clued in, it became clear: Golf might actually be fun if you were high.

OK, that’s probably not fair. A lot of people seem to love golf. Or at least, they are addicted.

When I played a few rounds as a teenager, I found the game exasperating. But what if I had been high? Maybe instead of getting mad and cussing, I would have stayed calm in my blissed-out stoner bubble.

You know. “Wow, man. That wasn’t where the ball was supposed to go. Far out.”

So anyway, I no longer wonder about these counterculture linksters. I’m on to them.

Some of them, perhaps just a few, have found a way to turn the world’s most frustrating game into a laid-back stroll on the grass.

They have taken an uptight activity and turned it into a chilled-out walk in the sun.

Can you dig it?

Today’s Slice question: How often do you present the best version of your personality?

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