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Adult Swim adds dose of fresh air to its programming with “On the Green” tour

Long summer days, especially unbearably hot summer days, can mean spending hours inside worshipping the air conditioning, usually while sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

But when you’ve been channel surfing for so long your eyes start to glaze over, it’s time to get outside.

Luckily for Adult Swim fans, the home of shows like “The Eric Andre Show,” “Robot Chicken” and “Rick and Morty,” the network is adding a dose of fresh air to its programming during the “On the Green” tour, which stops by Riverfront Park on Saturday.

Adult Swim has toured in the past, including on the “Funhouse” tour and “Drive In” tour, which found the network building drive in movie theaters across the country.

This year, the network decided to take a different approach and pair the outdoors with an activity usually restricted to enclosed spaces.

“We thought that was a really fun dynamic so we purposefully chose really beautiful locations where there’s greenery and it’s very lush and beautiful,” Ashley Jex-Wagner, director of events at Adult Swim, said. “Then we’re going to set up an LED screen and watch TV outside. We have an HD-quality screen so it will be presented in a beautiful way as well.”

Food trucks, games and the Geico Prize Eye, a giant prize wheel that includes everything from sunglasses to limited edition poster prints, will welcome attendees.

Following the festivities, Adult Swim fans will be treated to a screening of “Things You’ve Never Seen,” which includes never-before-seen episodes, pilots of shows in development and content that may not have been seen by a wide audience.

“It’s a great way to see what’s next on the horizon for Adult Swim,” Jex-Wagner said.

Adult Swim is interested in hearing feedback about these shows and invites fans to share their opinions via a survey they can complete at the park.

And though watching TV at home is an option, Adult Swim also encourages fans to embrace the social aspect of an event like “On the Green.”

“That’s my favorite part of these tours is you actually get to meet other fans,” Jex-Wagner said. “For us, we get to meet them directly. We love to create these events so that people can get together and meet like-minded individuals and have fun.”