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Mon., March 13, 2017

Proud of CMR’s leadership

To those who criticize Cathy McMorris Rodgers for not standing up to Trump, and for pushing a right-wing agenda, I say – go girl. She has criticized Trump when he deserved criticism and she has made a point to call for unity when others are causing divisions.

Cathy is a leader. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s been in House leadership for over five years. She’s been opposite of silent about her policy positions. You can see that in her press releases, website, TV interviews, town halls, social media pages and legislation. Just because you don’t agree with her, doesn’t mean you need to misrepresent what she does.

Cathy does support our community and the Constitution and has pushed Paul Ryan and others to do more to restore constitutional government where the House, not the federal agencies, write the law.

I am proud of Cathy and the leader that she is.

Leonard Christian

Spokane Valley