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The Slice: Today’s the day to show your true colors

What happens if you try to turn a craft beer green?

Let’s move on.

Just wondering: If some saint drove all the snakes out of the Inland Northwest (not an eco-friendly idea), about how many snakes would that be?

Movies inappropriate for the audience: Jodee Christner recalled that years ago her mother and her mother’s best friend, Bea, went to see “The Godfather,” thinking the film was religious in nature.

“They were excited because they very seldom went to any movies. So this was a nice treat.”

They were surprised by the subject matter. Quite surprised. But you could argue that the movie did have sort of a religious theme.

Remember the christening scene? “Do you renounce Satan?”

Jodee suspects the horse head in the bed might have brought on a case of the vapors.

Today’s baldness report: This comes from Slice reader Glenn Williams. “I was bothered when I started losing my hair until a friend mentioned that his grandfather claimed his bald head was a ‘solar panel for a love machine.’

“I, of course, embraced that philosophy immediately but noticed my wife began insisting I wear hats on sunny days.”

Sometimes winter makes a late comeback: Carolyn Payne sent me a photocopy of a 1981 picture from the S-R. It shows five boys outside Mullan Road Elementary School. They are making a giant snowball from an accumulation that had fallen overnight.

The photo was published on May 5. The caption begins, “Snow joke folks, it really is the month of May.”

Carolyn’s son Rob is first in the line of boys pushing the big snowball.

When you just sound like a real native: One of my readers who has two T’s in her last name recently told me about regularly exchanging greetings with a guy at Costco who has a similar name, but spelled with just one T.

“We always say ‘Hi, one T’ or “How’s it going, two T’s?’”

So anyway, she sent me another email a couple of days later and signed it “Cindy 2 T’s.”

After she wrote that, she realized she liked the ring of it. “Sounds sort of indigenous.”

Today’s Slice question: Speaking of names … The Slice has done this before. Several times. But today’s the day.

How does your last name sound if prefaced with O’ ?

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