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Sympathies to PAML staff

My heartfelt sympathies go to PAML employees who have had their lives torn up by a corporate merger. Twenty years ago my CEO signed over our buildings, IT staff and customers to a predatory Seattle mega-corporation. Then he retired with a big pile of money. This town settles for one giant hospital system, giant and remote health insurance carriers and now lab services from a fuzzy consortium of giant remote labs.

Unfortunately our odd form of democracy appears only occasionally, on election days. Our European allies do a much better job of holding executive feet to a fire when greed and ambition trump good sense and judgment in board rooms.

Notice to local young people and immigrants: In this country, a new career will likely be more successful if you indent yourself to a global-reach corporate headquarters in one of our largest cities. Watch out for insufferable cowboy capitalists.

Jim Thompson

Spokane Valley


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