Spokane’s D. Lish’s Hamburgers debuts new Karnowski burger

Mike Lish gives customers a knife and fork to tackle the new Karnowski burger at D. Lish in Spokane. (Pia Hallenberg / The Spokesman-Review)
The Karnowksi burger will be offered for a limited time at D. Lish in Spokane. (Adriana Janovich / The Spokesman-Review)
You might want to split this thing. (Adriana Janovich / The Spokesman-Review)
D. Lish is advertising its new menu item on Facebook, a sign out front on North Division Street and this flyer which breaks down the menu item. (Adriana Janovich / The Spokesman-Review)
The Karnowski burger features seven patties layered with cheese atop lettuce, tomato and special sauce for $12.99. (Adriana Janovich / The Spokesman-Review)
Gonzaga’s Przemek Karnowski celebrates the win over Saint Mary’s in their WCC title game, March 7, 2017, at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. (Dan Pelle / The Spokesman-Review)

You might not be able to finish the beard.

After seven patties layered with melty cheese and piled atop lettuce, tomato and special sauce – all of which is sandwiched between two buns – you just might not have room for the rest of the whiskers, or the skirt of crispy onions that surrounds the base of this one very serious burger.

The Karnowski is not for the faint of heart.

Spokane’s D. Lish’s Hamburgers is offering the special, new menu item, named in honor Gonzaga University basketball player Przemysław “Przemek” Karnowski, at least as long as this year’s NCAA season lasts for the Bulldogs.

The locally owned fast-food joint debuted the $12.99 burger Wednesday morning, selling only two that day. By 1 p.m. Thursday, the eatery had sold three.

The only advertising has been on the eatery’s Facebook page and a sign out front. Plus, patrons might be intimidated.

D. Lish’s owner, manager and Karnowski burger creator Mike Lish offers customers who order the thing a fork and knife. He also wishes them “Good luck.”

Lish, 37, came up with the idea for the burger during a management meeting Tuesday, inspired by Karnowski’s height and facial hair.

Karnowski stands 7-feet-1-inch tall. Hence, the seven patties.

“There’s a lot of talk about his beard right now,” Lish said – particularly on CNN. “I thought we could use the crispy onions on the front of the burger to make it look like a beard.”

In all, the Karnowski burger features 1 pound of meat. At least, that’s the pre-cooked weight of the combined patties.

After tax, the burger comes to a grand total of $14.12. You won’t need fries with that.

Lish is hoping the college basketball star will get a chance to try the burger.

“We need to get a picture of him eating his burger.”

D. Lish’s, founded in 1998, is at 1625 N. Division St. Call (509) 323-7130. On the web: D. Lish’s menu.

UPDATE: NCAA rule forces D.Lish’s to change name of ‘Karnowski’ burger