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Fri., May 12, 2017

Trumpcare II: Still scary

Like the sequels to most B movies, the latest Republican proposal to replace the ACA offers little change in plot, more hype and worse acting. Despite Trump’s campaign promises of health care for everybody, no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, the proposed plan:

1. Eliminates insurance subsidies for low income individuals currently funded by taxes on the wealthiest Americans and medical companies under the ACA.

2. Cuts Medicaid by over $800 billion over 10 years, leading to loss of coverage for tens of millions of vulnerable Americans.

3. Gives states the option to group people with preexisting conditions into high risk pools that would likely price them out of the health insurance market.

If you want real drama, watch Jimmy Kimmel’s recent heartfelt monologue about his newborn son being born with a life-threatening heart condition and subsequent plea for protecting health care in America.

Barry Linehan