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Council races in Spokane, Spokane Valley draw primary challenges

UPDATED: Fri., May 19, 2017, 8:15 p.m.

Spokane voters throughout the city will have primary decisions to make this summer after positions in all three council districts filled up on the last day candidates could file for office.

Spokane Valley and Medical Lake also have primary races for city positions, as do some school districts, including Spokane Public Schools.

South Spokane voters have a four-way primary after Bruce Vonada and Andy Dunau filed for the District 2 seat. They join a race that includes appointed incumbent Breean Beggs and health care consultant Tony Kiepe.

Vonada, 69, is a retiree who said he’s “done just about everything,” including teaching and working as an airline pilot. He lived in Spokane for a while in the 1960s and returned in 1989. He decided to run after his wife told him to stop complaining about the council and “go do something about it.”

“In general, I find them pretty embarrassing,” said Vonada. It’s his first run for office in Spokane, although he did run unsuccessfully for city council in Walla Walla in the 1970s, he added.

Dunau, 57, is a former member of the Spokane Park Board who runs Dunau Associates, a communications consulting firm. The company manages three small nonprofit organizations, including the Spokane River Forum, and Dunau serves as executive director of all three.

He described himself as a fiscal independent who supports infrastructure projects, and said the city needs streets, water and parks to make it a place where people want to grow a business and raise a family.

Brian Burrow, 38, a project manager with Avista Utilities who has lived in Spokane most of his life, filed for the Council District 3 seat in northwest Spokane. He’s a member of the PRIDE Prep charter school board, and has been active in Greater Spokane Inc., Leadership Spokane and the city’s Citizens Financial Advisory Committee.

Burrow said he has spent years getting to know the needs of local business.

He contends the council has spent too much time “sidetracked by ideas that don’t necessarily make sense and even create hardships for our small business owners.”

He will run in the primary against incumbent Candace Mumm and Matthew Howes, co-owner of Adelo’s Pizza, Pasta and Pints.

Northeast Spokane’s Council District 1 primary features Tim Benn, who owns a child care facility with his wife; retired university instructor Kathryn Alexander; and legislative aide Kate Burke.

The top two vote-getters in each primary race face off in the November general election. Races with only one or two candidates will be on the November ballot as well.

Some local districts didn’t attract any candidates for positions scheduled for this year’s ballot. The town of Latah has five positions with no candidates when filing closed Friday, as did several fire districts, water districts and Liberty Lake Sewer District. The Spokane County Elections office will schedule a special filing period for positions with no candidates.

Spokane County Superior Court

Position 6: Tony Hazel, Jocelyn Cook, J. Scott Miller

7th Legislative District

Senate: Shelly Short, Karen Hardy

House: Jacquelin Maycumber, Susan Swanson


Council District 1: Kate Burke, Kathryn Alexander, Tim Benn

Council District 2: Breean Beggs, Tony Kiepe, Bruce Vonada, Andy Dunau

Council District 3: Matthew Howes, Candace Mumm, Brian Burrow

Municipal Court 1: Tracy Arlene Staab

Municipal Court 2: Mary Logan

Municipal Court 3: Michelle Szambelan

Spokane Valley

Council Position 1: Chris Jackson, Al Merkel, Rod Higgins

Council Position 2: Brandi Peetz, J. Caleb Collier

Council Position 4: Ben Wick, Ed Pace

Council Position 5: Pamela Haley, Robert (Rocky) Samson, Ingemar (Lloyd) Woods, Tanner Emerson, Angie Beem

Council Position 7: Linda (Hatcher) Thompson, Mike Munch

Airway Heights

Council Position 1: Kevin Richey

Council Position 2: Steven Lawrence

Council Position 4: Jared Lacambra, James Weathers

Council Position 5: Doyle Inman


Mayor: Chris Grover

Council Position 1: Paul Schmidt, Tim Gainer

Council Position 3: John Taves

Council Position 4: Teresa Overhauser

Deer Park

Mayor: Robert Whisman. Tim Verzal

Council Position 1: Mary Babb

Council Position 3: Richard Schut


Mayor: KayDee Gilkey, Derek Knecht

Council Position 1: Melissa Lunsford, Angela Warner-Harvey

Council Position 2: Darcie Sainsbury

Liberty Lake

Council Position 2: Hugh Severs

Council Position 4: Odin Langford, Jeanette Nall

Council Position 6: Mike Kennedy, Dylan McGuire

Medical Lake

Mayor: Shirley Maike, Laura Parsons, Mikeal Suniga

Council Position 1: John Paikuli

Council Position 2: Monica Manza, John Merrick, Elizabeth Rosenbeck

Council Position 3: Arthur Burton

Council Position 4: Destiny Stein, Tony Harbolt, Don Kennedy

Council Position 5: Gary Plumlee, Michael Deeley, Theodore Olson


Mayor: Jay Molitor, Kevin Freeman

Council Position 1: Shawna Beese

Council Position 2: Daniel Sander, Mary Kate McLaughlan


Mayor: Carrie Roecks

Council Position 1: Timothy Fricke

Council Position 2: Brian Laude


Council Position 1: Ron Cockle

Council Position 2: Rebecca Johnson

Council Position 5: Steven Anderson


Mayor: Paul Curtis, William Tensfeld

Council Position 1: Lori Stark, Kim Billington

Council Position 2: Joel Martensen

Council Position 4: Alexander Fuchs, Devin Billington

Council Position 5: Bree Killstrom

School districts

Spokane – Position 2: Deana Brower; Position 5: Mike Wiser, Miranda Ackerman, Jennifer Muroya Thomas, Jessica Yocom

Central Valley– District 2: Tom Dingus; District 5: Camilla Kane, Mysti Reneau

Cheney – District 1: Marcie Estrellado; District 2: Suzanne Dolle

Deer Park – District 2: Brad Erickson; District 3: Joanne Greer

East Valley – District 3: Justin Voelker, Nathaniel Rooney; District 4: Fred Helms, Emily Provencio; District 5: Mike Novakovich

Freeman – District 2: Ed Cashmere; District 4: Neil Fuchs Jr.

Great Northern – Position 1: Ken Pegg; Position 3: John Pegg; Position 4: Lynn Schaff; Position 5: Mary Patrick

Liberty – District 2: Chad Denny; District 3: Chad Cornmesser; District 4: Scott Simmons

Mead – District 1: Chad Burchard; District 5: Carmen Green

Medical Lake – District 1: Leo Spilker, Kelly Fouts; District 5: Peggy Schweikhardt

Nine Mile Falls – Position 4: Vicki Daggy, Kyle Yancey; Position 5: Greg Flemming

Newport – District 1: Rick Hughes

Orchard Prairie – Position 2: Suzanne Savall

Riverside – District 1: Gary Vanderholm; District 2: Jon Roman, Scott Ellsworth; District 5: Brandi Maynard

Reardan-Edwall – Position 1: Simon Butterfield; Position 3, Nick Landt; Position 4: Ian Wagner

Rosalia – District 4: Raymond Anderson

St. John – District 1: Shantyl McGuire; At-Large Position: Kelli Melhus

Tekoa – District 2: Mary Marsh; District 3: Shane Monroy; District 5: Fran Martin, Brandon VanDalsen

West Valley – District 1: Dan Hansen, Gerald Rosenbaum; District 2: Robert Dompier, Keith Acord; District 5: Pam McLeod

Fire districts

Spokane Valley – Position 1: Patrick Burch, Stan Chalich; Position 5: William Anderson, Larry Rider

FD 3 – Position 3: Howard Marsh

FD4 – Position 3: Jack Hensley

FD5 – Position 3: Larry Edmonds

FD8 – Position 3: Gregory Hesse

FD9 – Position 1: Thomas McGarry

FD10 – Position 3:, Scott Mericle

FD13 – Position 2: Teresa Phelps; Position 3: Kathleen Small

Water districts

East Spokane – Position 1: Ed Peck

Four Lakes – Position 3: Scott Rushing Sr.

Irwin – Position 2: David Bennett

Spokane County 3 – Position 2: Kevin McMulkin, Nathan Jeffries; Position 3: Mary Wissink

Strathview – Position 1: Bonnie Stimson

Valley of the Horses – Position 1: Tony Teeters

Whitworth – Position 1: Jean Pond, Rick Koller; Position 2: Steve Irwin, Dave Tewel

Cemetery districts

Elk – Position 3: Rob Culp

Milan – Position 3: Pete Munk

Moran – Position 3: Jennifer Pollack Gill

Waverly – Position 1: Helda Fuchs; Position 2: Evelyn Heinevetter

West Greenwood – Position 3: Donald Hyslop

Sewer districts

Williams Lake – Position 2, Mark Kimm

Park districts

Rosalia – Position 3: Becky Quincy; Position 4: Piper Dickinson, Shelly Beach; Position 5: Roberta Messinger