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Letters to the Editor

Fri., May 19, 2017, midnight

Don’t have enough time

I’m a freshman in advanced classes with older kids. I try to do my work and pay attention in class, but it gets difficult. It becomes extremely stressful and most nights I’m up late doing homework and studying; I know this is true for many of my peers, too.

Our education system tells us from a young age to pay attention in school, do your homework, be social, exercise an hour a day, sleep eight hours a night, etc. I believe that these things are crucial to development, especially in K-12th graders, but I often find myself wondering, how’s it possible for someone at such a young and confusing age to accomplish it?

So I am writing with an open mind looking for opinions. How’s this possible? Is it worth it? We don’t have enough time. So in my opinion spend time on things that really matter to you, because in the end those are the things that will be worth it.

Alyson Wood


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