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Fri., May 19, 2017, midnight

McMorris Rodgers Vote

During my 40th Bloomsday run (missed the first one), Rep. McMorris Rodgers was much in the news, noting Jimmy Kimmel’s comments related to preexisting conditions to justify her lone vote among Washington U.S. Representatives in favor of Trumpcare. I lived and worked in Spokane for 44 years, before recently moving to the West Side, and still participate in events, follow local news and visit friends.

Nonetheless, I wonder if something has fundamentally changed. The Spokane I knew valued honesty and fairness in government, both absent from McMorris Rodgers’ justification. Specifically, Trumpcare would cut 14 million people from Medicaid coverage, including those with preexisting conditions like her sons. Moreover, Trumpcare, means reversing “Robin Hood,” by giving to healthy and wealthy companies and individuals and taking from the poor, disabled and old.

Spokane citizens need to do some reflecting on the meaning of honesty and fairness and vote McMorris Rodgers out of office. The rest of the state watches, hopefully.

Bill Horner


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