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Letters to the Editor

Fri., May 19, 2017, midnight

Women, be yourself

Society today is constantly telling women to “be themselves” but “not that way.” At a very young age, we are pressured to fit a certain mold. It’s time we stop telling women how to be and start letting them be themselves. We have pressure to be girly and feminine and petite. Yet we also have pressure from people trying to break stereotypes to be big, unapologetic, sporty and not girly. Why can’t we be both?

Why can’t we be either one of them without being told that we should be acting another way? What is wrong with a hockey player who wants to be a princess? And what’s wrong with a martial artist who loves to wear makeup? No matter what we do we will be judged. Whether we’re “girly” or “boyish”, “revealing” or “covered,” there will be people telling us not to be that way. That’s what’s wrong with society these days.

That’s why my challenge to all women of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and sexuality is to do what you want. Be who you want to be. Be girly, be boyish, be both, or be neither. Just be you!

Alexa Tomkowiak


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