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Washington State football chat - 11/1

srchat (Admin): Alright, welcome to the live chat everyone. I’ll be taking questions for the next hour, so send ‘em in.

Nov 1, 10:01 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Defensive coaches explain how on 2 or 3 plays the runner is 5 yards pas LOS and there is no one around him?

Nov 1, 10:02 AM

srchat (Admin): Haven’t talked to the defensive coaches yet, but Leach said they weren’t gap sound. It’s hard to have eyes on two runners with the read-option. This is also a good explanation I found.

Nov 1, 10:03 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): Does Luke get right in this game?

Nov 1, 10:04 AM

srchat (Admin): You hate to have to ask a guy to “get right” against Stanford. They’ve been a tough defensive team the last few weeks with some talented corners. But I think he’ll need to if the Cougars still have sights on the Pac-12 ship.

Nov 1, 10:04 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Is Love going to be 100%?

Nov 1, 10:05 AM

srchat (Admin): No word yet. David Shaw said he’ll be a “game-time decision.” He didn’t practice with Stanford yesterday though.

Nov 1, 10:08 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Chryst the QB? I see him as mediocre at best and our defense should be able to handle him.

Nov 1, 10:10 AM

srchat (Admin): Indeed. He didn’t show me much in that Oregon State game. Just 16-of-33 for 141 yards, 1 TD, 1 int. They looked lost on offense w/o Bryce Love.

Nov 1, 10:11 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): Luke was better when they ran the ball more. Why have they gone away from that?

Nov 1, 10:11 AM

srchat (Admin): Matchups is my guess. They’d always thrown it well against Arizona. Hilinski proved that they could with 440-plus yards in the second half.

Nov 1, 10:14 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): It doesn’t seem to me that The Stanford jumbo lineup works very well. Does it work as far as just punishing defenders?

Nov 1, 10:15 AM

srchat (Admin): Haven’t studied the packages as much. Assume that’s what you’re referring to?

Nov 1, 10:16 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): 2 tight end, full back, another back lined up behind tight end and run it up the middle.

Nov 1, 10:18 AM

srchat (Admin): Ah, got it. I know they haven’t gotten away from their smash-mouth brand of football. Love’s health will be the key this weekend though.

Nov 1, 10:19 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): Any update on a new AD and where that process is at?

Nov 1, 10:23 AM

srchat (Admin): Still not very far along from what I can tell. We spoke with Jack Thompson after the Legends Lounge dedication ceremony. Said the seven-person search committee had just held its first meeting. Then it goes from there…

Nov 1, 10:23 AM

Guest2101 (Guest): The JC OLM Vallencia…is he still around? Maybe injured?

Nov 1, 10:24 AM

srchat (Admin): Still around, yes. Wasn’t a full practice participant when fall camp was winding down, so that could be the case.

Nov 1, 10:25 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Nasty weather at game time or will it play in a window of ok weather? Cold favors Cougs?

Nov 1, 10:26 AM

srchat (Admin): Last I checked, 40% chance of snow showers. They played sloppy in the rain a few weeks ago, but Colorado was just as bad if not worse. I’m from the Bay Area, I know Stanford doesn’t see much precipitation.

Nov 1, 10:26 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): How do you think Leach handles Luke this week for the Stanford game…..tells him to relax, have fun and just throw it or gives him an ultimatum of throw it or sit on the bench?

Nov 1, 10:27 AM

srchat (Admin): Definitely the first part. Also have been a few games where he’s played poorly without being removed. Cal is the glaring one I can think of.

Nov 1, 10:30 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): I thought Cal would beat Colorado? Were you surprised how well Colorado played the following week? Is home field worth more than 7 points in college?

Nov 1, 10:32 AM

srchat (Admin): I don’t know what to make of Cal. Or Colorado for that matter. Or really anyone in this conference. I think Colorado has some nice pieces, definitely. I was a little more surprised that they flopped in Pullman like that.

Nov 1, 10:35 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): Cougar D need to keep and eye on Standford’s TEs?

Nov 1, 10:36 AM

srchat (Admin): Doesn’t seem to be a single guy who’s a focal point of their passing game like they’ve had in the past with Zach Ertz or Coby Fleener. Top TE right now is Kaden Smith (13 catches, 226 yds.)

Nov 1, 10:36 AM

WSU 04 (Guest): I bet Krenz catches that pass that bounced off Patmons chest and takes it to the house! What are your thoughts?

Nov 1, 10:37 AM

srchat (Admin): You’re back! Riley Krenz, remember the name…

Nov 1, 10:37 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Playing at 1230 on Fox puts Cougs in the spotlight. Do they shine?

Nov 1, 10:38 AM

srchat (Admin): You’re right, it’s a prime spot to be playing. Maybe a few folks in Florida or New York tune in. They’ve played well at home and I’m sure are eager to get the taste of Arizona out of their mouths. My pick will be out Friday night.

Nov 1, 10:40 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): I know Leach is not for platooning qbs. Maybe now give it a shot?

Nov 1, 10:42 AM

srchat (Admin): Eh, not so sure you’d want to do that. I like getting Hilinski the experience if the offense isn’t running with Falk back there. But can’t imagine it’d do wonders for Luke’s confidence if you install a two-QB system three-quarters of the way through his fourth season as a starter.

Nov 1, 10:42 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): What was the mood of the team after the Zona loss, mad, frustrated, heads hanging?

Nov 1, 10:43 AM

srchat (Admin): A little bit of all of that, but not nearly as much as Cal.

Nov 1, 10:44 AM

GoCougs (Guest): Luke has played himself out of the Heisman race and his draft stock has likely dropped significantly. Was the pressure just too much?

Nov 1, 10:45 AM

srchat (Admin): It’s hard to tell. And I’m sure he’d tell us it isn’t. Sure doesn’t seem like he’s been as loose as in years past. They probably hope it’s just a funk.

Nov 1, 10:45 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): I know our inside Linebackers fly to the ball but are they getting out of position on the big plays? Who do you look for on offense and defense to have big game?(Other than Luke)

Nov 1, 10:47 AM

srchat (Admin): That was the case last weekend, but that offense with that particular QB will do that to you. They’ve been assignment sound most of the year, so I don’t see it becoming a trend. Expecting big games from Ekuale and Luvu. Their families are traveling to Pullman from American Samoa for the first time. On offense, Jamal Morrow.

Nov 1, 10:48 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): Anyone (team/staff/coaches/reporters) dress up for Halloween and if so what was the best costume?

Nov 1, 10:49 AM

srchat (Admin): Not that I saw, but a group of children (who appeared to be the kids of the assistant coaches) were in costume handing out candy to the players as they were leaving practice yesterday.

Nov 1, 10:50 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Dodgers do it tonight?

Nov 1, 10:51 AM

srchat (Admin): No way. You’re talking to a die-hard Giants fan here. Go Astros baby.

Nov 1, 10:51 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Darvish plunk Guriel in the ribs tonight?

Nov 1, 10:52 AM

srchat (Admin): I wouldn’t put it past this World Series. What a show it’s been…

Nov 1, 10:52 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Orange is only a color to be worn on Halloween. Now I have to review all your answers.

Nov 1, 10:55 AM

srchat (Admin): I’d probably put money on the Doyers to do it tonight. Much as I dislike the club itself, think Kershaw is a stud. Wait … is this Bobby Alworth?

Nov 1, 10:55 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): You think Zona runs all over USC this weekend?

Nov 1, 10:56 AM

srchat (Admin): I’m currently working on my Pac-12 picks. Let’s just say I’m going with the Fightin’ Khalil Tates in that game.

Nov 1, 10:56 AM

WSU 04 (Guest): You pre funkn at the field house this weekend?

Nov 1, 10:56 AM

srchat (Admin): Will I get some good Riley Krenz stories if I join you?

Nov 1, 10:56 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): CJ Dimry out of the rotation at receiver?

Nov 1, 10:57 AM

srchat (Admin): Feels like Tay Martin’s overtaken him there, yeah. Maybe some situations where you still want Dimry in red-zone situations for his height.

Nov 1, 10:58 AM

Uncle Larry (Guest): O line played better this game. Surprised to see that Leach made them run gassers after practice. Said not doing the little things right. Any insight?

Nov 1, 10:59 AM

srchat (Admin): Most agreed that it was one of their better games. Think it’s important for him not to let them get complacent though. Still needs 4-5 good games out of them.

Nov 1, 10:59 AM

WSU 04 (Guest): I only met him at the Spring Game, however you can catch up on his skills right here!

Riley Krenz - Hudl

Riley Krenz - Hudl

Nov 1, 10:59 AM

srchat (Admin): That’s big time.

Nov 1, 10:59 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): What question do you want answered for this weeks game?

Nov 1, 11:00 AM

srchat (Admin): You shoot, I answer.

Nov 1, 11:01 AM

SOCALCOUG (Guest): Go Cougs. Go Dodgers. Thanks for your time.

Nov 1, 11:01 AM

srchat (Admin): Thanks all for joining. Will try to get this transcript up ASAP. Bring a parka to Pullman this weekend. Until next time…

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