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President insensitive

Well, it happened again. I actually shed tears while reading the morning news.

This time it was because our commander in chief, President Trump, made a phone call to the grieving family of an American serviceman killed earlier this month, while serving in Niger. On speakerphone, Trump’s words of consolation and comfort to the soldier’s widow, witnessed by his mother and their U.S. congresswoman, were to the effect of, “He knew what he signed up for … but when it happens, I guess it still hurts anyway.”

Wow. NFL players kneel during our national anthem protesting racial injustices and their actions are deemed so unpatriotic that Vice President Mike Pence recently walked out of a game. Yet, sadly, Trump disrespects a fallen warrior, and Pence is still there.

Even closer to home, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers will likely issue a statement supporting the president’s words as perhaps being taken out of context or poorly chosen. Then, she will continue to follow Trump in lockstep, sustaining every deplorable policy and despicable action from our totally unqualified president.

I sincerely hope Eastern Washington voters remember such a betrayal of our military by Cathy and vote for Lisa Brown in November 2018.

Wm. Lamont Worden



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