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Plenty of people ride buses

A writer recently complained that the new Spokane Transit Authority long bending buses would have more empty seats than the current buses. He even had data: 60 empty seats vs. 45 empty seats. I wonder how this information was gathered. I ride the bus somewhat regularly, and I occasionally have trouble finding a seat because the buses I ride during rush hour are packed. At other times, of course, there aren’t many riders on the bus. That’s inevitable with any kind of mass transit.

However, when I’m waiting for the bus, even during rush hour, I amuse myself by counting the number of people in those cars and note that most of the cars, something like 80 percent to 90 percent, that whiz by have only a driver and no passengers (yes, I’m a bit nerdy and like to keep occupied while waiting for the bus).

If citizens want a more efficient transit system, they might use it. It’s more economical than driving several tons of metal carrying one person at a time.

Mark Doerr