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Tough tests await bikers at Beacon Hill

Fri., Nov. 10, 2017, 5:55 a.m.

Having worked up to it for years, mountain biker Dan Wilson comfortably plummets down an advanced roller feature at Beacon Hill/Camp Sekani area. It’s only a few bubbles off vertical. Not for beginners.

“It’s one of the many rocks up at Beacon, one if not the steepest rollers up there,” says Wilson, a leader in Evergreen East (Mountain Bike Alliance). “Doesn’t even look possible from looking up the rock, but once you have learned how to conquer the fear, it makes sense.”

Camp Sekani features a wide variety of rock rollers such as this, he says.

“They are technical rolls – Good Times and Kessle Run are also trails that feature some of these nice large boulders.”

When I asked for an estimate of money he’s spent on hospital bills, Wilson said “none, but if a rider were to get shy and not commit it would be broken bones or possibly death.

“Definitely recommended to work up to steep rolls and confidence before attempting.”

Beacon Hill, which overlooks the Spokane River near Upriver Dam, has some great rollers including the large rock wall on Pop Rocks, the spine that feeds into Tire trail and many rocks around Sekani. They can be sessioned including the skills area on the east side of the park, he said.

“Explore – it is worth riding off the normal paths and checking out features all around Upchuck and Banzai Kitten,” he said.

“Evergreen East tries not to create trails that have inherent risk without labeling them appropriately. More signage is on order and we have big plans to outfit Beacon Hill with better directional trail markers. This will aid in preventing newer riders from potentially getting onto trails that are beyond their skill level.”