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The Slice: And here I thought we were about the same age

The Slice recently discussed misunderstandings prompted by misreading things.

Joanne Vanbuskirk knew just what I was talking about. She once misread a newspaper column label.

What it actually said was “Jim Kershner’s 100 Years Ago Today.”

But what Joanne thought she read and what continues to amuse her when she sees this feature is “Jim Kershner is 100 Years Old Today.”

Well, all I can say is the old boy looks great.

Today’s bedtime routine: Molly Beil shared this.

“When my daughter and son were young, at bedtime we would say: Kiss, bing, hug.

“A kiss on my fingertip, touched to their nose and then a hug.”

When Christmas songs attack: “I was in the store when ‘Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)’ came on,” wrote Patti Baird. “I knew if I took deep breaths I could make it. I roughly threw cans in my cart due to stress but made it through. It then came on again by a different artist and I knew I had to flee so left my basket in the aisle and got out before any damage was done. My apologies to Safeway.”

Here’s one from Donna Krueger. “My husband, Eric Rupp, detests ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and makes this clear whenever he hears it.”

So one Christmas, Donna and their daughter, Molly, made him a special CD consisting of nothing but various versions of the offending song.

“Into the player it went and the soft sounds of instrumental music filled the room. About four songs into the CD, the penny drops as the traditional brum, brum, brum drum line fills the room.”

Laughter on Christmas morning is a sweet sound.

Raise your hand if …: You watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when it first aired in 1965. (It’s on ABC tonight.)

I did. I was 10. And I have to admit, I didn’t find the Gospel of Luke all that compelling at the time. But it would grow on me.

And there were in the same country shepherds…

How about you?

Today’s Slice question: Where would you set the featured couple’s first meeting in a set-in-Spokane Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

A) A Christmas tree lot. B) A used record store. C) Homeless shelter. D) Big box store. E) On a crowded STA bus. F) Convenience store. G) The airport. H) In a Mexican restaurant. I) An animal shelter. J) Teacher’s lounge. K) Estate sale. L) Bicycle shop. M) Skating ribbon at Riverfront Park. N) Other.

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email pault@spokesman. Wonder how many Slice readers can remember when passenger trains stopped in Spokane in the middle of the day.

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