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Bolton’s war for “peace”

In Marc Thiessen’s column (April 3rd), he states that John Bolton, Donald Trump’s nominee for national security adviser, is a traditional peace-through-strength conservative.

The word “peace” is not in Bolton’s vocabulary. He was and is to this day a staunch supporter of the Iraq war despite the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and no WMDs. He also advocated attacking Cuba on the pretext that Cuba was developing biological weapons. In 2015, Bolton called for a bombing-of-Iran-now-and-figure-out-the-details-later approach. He even suggested that Israel preemptively strike Iran with nuclear weapons.

John Bolton is purely and simply a warmonger who has repeatedly been wrong on so many issues.

It appears that with people like John Bolton, Trump, instead of draining the swamp, continues to stock it.

Joe Speranzi



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