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Leave me alone, Cathy

I’ve been getting some ersatz messages on my phone from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, things about calling in to some sort of internet town-hall meetings and robocalls in general, on a scale that I’ve not seen before. I know that this isn’t because Cathy actually cares or listens to her supposed constituents - I have yet to see her do anything that reflects this - so I’m going to chalk it up to the bi-annual poseur festival she puts on every election cycle.

I know exactly who Cathy serves, and it’s not anyone who doesn’t have the deep pockets of her campaign donors. Those donors are her real constituency. Like many, way too many, of our supposed representatives in Congress today, they do not serve us, they serve money. What I and an increasing number of people want, are representatives like Bernie Sanders (which the corrupt DNC denied us last presidential election), who do not take corporate money and do the will of the people.

If you’re not a Sanders Democrat or an FDR or LBJ, you’re not getting my vote. It doesn’t look genuine to conduct “internet town halls” while, by action, your fingertips remain in your ears.

Cathy, go away.

David Cannon



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