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Lead concern addressed

Mr. Wheat’s question about lead at the Spokane Gun Club (“Plans for lead?” July 27, 2018) was addressed in the Spokesman-Review on July 15.

Verbatim from portions of the article as follows:

“After land sale to Central Valley School District, Spokane Gun Club wonders about its future.” (Sub-headline to article.)

“Central Valley School District Superintendent Ben Small said the school board’s decision to purchase the gun club site was made with careful consideration.”

“‘There’s a plan in place to address environmental issues with the site, Small said.’”

“The Spokane Gun Club is dedicating $1 million to mine the land for lead and clean up the site, which will be inspected by the Washington state Department of Ecology.”

“‘The school district will pay cleanup costs exceeding $1 million,’ Small said.”

“‘We can point to other sites that gun clubs have been located, have been mitigated and put into residential use and so we know that we have a good plan dealing with environmental concerns,’ Small said.”

Those of us who have lived in this area and North Idaho are well aware of the problems of lead mitigation. I think his concern was well addressed by the gun club and the school district.

Charles Taggart

Spokane Valley


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