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Park has gone commercial

The changes to Riverfront Park have altered the purpose of the park from a green, welcoming place in the middle of the city to a stark basalt and cement center.

What had been there for enjoyment for all is gone.

The leaders of the city have a last chance to approve a portion of the park to its master plan to include children among its visitors.

Generations of children have enjoyed rolling green lawns, rides, mini-golf, the Imax and the ice skating rink – all of which are gone.

What made the rides appealing was the accessibility, security and a sense of ownership. Also, the passes allowed all families long summer days.

Now it appears that is not the purpose of the park. It has turned into a commercial endeavor for adults.

Among the discarded are the rides, which are considered by the council as “old.” No child objects to an old ride. For a young person these are just rides. Why no one in planning considered this part is not clear.

In its effort to upgrade the park, it can do so without losing everything that made it the beloved place that it was.

Anita Halbich



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