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Washington Records

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Matthew D. Isenberger and Helina K. Romero, both of Post Falls.

Chad M. Moses and Jessica K.M. Stolp, both of Spokane.

Kameron J. Fleming and Madison G. Rutledge, both of Spokane.

Thomas H. Anderson and Marisue M. Kimp, both of Hamilton, Mont.

Terry L. Murray and Samantha C. Fenton, both of Spokane.

Taylor A. Johnson, of Louisville, Ky., and Eric M. Cole, of Fairchild Air Force Base.

Yurii Hutsulenko and Oksana Popik, both of Spokane Valley.

Samuel C. Taylor and Elizabeth A. Jirasek, both of Spokane Valley.

Christian L. Seifert and Tawni D. Williams, both of Spokane Valley.

Jessica N. Hogue and James M. Jackson, both of Post Falls.

Christina L. Stretch and Richard A. Volke, both of Spokane.

Dustin R. Wickham and Sara C. Neese, both of Chattaroy.

Ashley A. Craig and Gregory R. Gorman, both of Spokane.

Lyle C. Parks and Candice S. Denigan, both of Nine Mile Falls.

Treay L. Weed and Brianna C. Easley, both of Spokane Valley.

In the courts

Superior courts

New suits

RC Schwartz & Associates v. Britney Bjork, restitution of premises.

William Deviny v. Tracy S. Bean, restitution of premises.

Ire LLC. v. Jessica Lannon, restitution of premises.

Soraya Hanson v. Samantha Galloway, restitution of premises.

RH Cooke & Associates Inc. v. Coleen Andrews et al., restitution of premises.

Luna Properties LLC v. Raymond Kalebaugh, restitution of premises.

Torre Refuse & Recycling LLC v. GHC Contracting Inc., verified complaint for damages.

Ire LLC v. James Martin, restitution of premises.

Financial Assistance Inc. v. Leona M. Van Housen et al., money claimed owed.

Vincent Dressel v. Tracey Loudon, restitution of premises.

Estate of Iris Foster v. Lynn Hurd, restitution of premises.

Whitewater Creek Inc. v. Miguel A. Gonzalez et al., restitution of premises.

Whitewater Creek Inc. v. Shadra L. Ferguson, restitution of premises.

Aleksandr Sushinskiy v. Delora Hofstader, restitution of premises.

Cach LLC v. Kaleena L. Reynolds, money claimed owed.

Bank of New York v. Christopher McLaughlin, money claimed owed.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Jenkins, Madison and Grant

Smith, Trevor, and Bohlman-Smith, Stefanie

Steinberg, Jessica M. and Aaron M.

Craig, Heather R. and David S.

Harada, Gregory N. and Tabitha

Smith, Edward A. and Amy J.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Andes, Jill A. and John C.

McIntosh, Michael J. and Amanda L.

Chandler, Christopher S. and Lisa M.

Doherty, Megan A., and McMann, Ian G.

Tuttle, Lucetta S. and Jeffrey W.

Gooch, Jeri L. and David M.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Brittany Jahns, Othello; debts of $18,458.

Jessica Parry, Liberty Lake; debts of $151,664.

Julian Martinez, Othello; debts of $85,311.

Wendi Bryant, Spokane; debts of $178,330.

Cayla Plybon, Spokane; debts not listed.

Lyndsey Bodker, Spokane; debts of $14,279.

Joshua Shelton, Moses Lake; debts of $58,043.

Tracy Sorkness-Miacolo and Michael Miacolo, Moses Lake; debts not listed.

Abdon and Judith Herrera, Kettle Falls; debts of $177,539.

Debra Ankley, Spokane; debts not listed.

Kendra Morrison, Reardan; debts of $18,910.

Erick Christensen, Spokane; debts of $21,473.

Patrick Phalen, Spokane; debts of $35,036.

Randall and Heather Durante, Spokane; debts of $293,428.

Paul Sr. and Joan Long, Elk; debts of $25,206.

Roger Nelson, Spokane Valley; debts of $39,919.

Corey and Kimberly Levi, Moses Lake; debts of $19,275.

David and Linda Hallatt, Ephrata; debts of $30,075.

Brendon Guest, Spokane; debts of $10,675.

Jose Montemayor, Moses Lake; debts of $24,128.

John and Lynda Whitlock, Spokane Valley; debts not listed.

Jesse Santiago and Amanda Nason, Spokane Valley; debts of $116,570.

Amber Harris, Newport; debts of $72,514.

Makhyla Robbins, Spokane; debts of $106,890.

David Adams and Debbie Teixeira, Spokane; debts of $280,326.

Timothy and Andrea Martello, Cusick; debts not listed.

Sindy Bergdahl, Othello; debts of $28,859.

Jason and Amanda Solorzano, Moses Lake; debts of $104,545.

Cory and Bryan Franks, Soap Lake; debts of $244,879.

Wage-earner petitions

Erin Gray, Spokane; debts of $215,676.

Gene Brannam, Spokane; debts of $63,819.

Wendy Nokes, Cheney; debts not listed.

Andrew and Mary Ellwein, Spokane; debts of $297,902.

Elizabeth Vercic, Spokane; debts of $269,114.

Steven and Betty Hills, Airway Heights; debts of $56,543.

Acie Jewell, Jr., Moses Lake; debts of $120,064.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Mary Logan

Taylor W. Henry, 30; 18 days in jail, theft.

Shawn P. Spearchief, 35; 93 days in jail, theft.

Judge Donna Wilson

Thomas R. Hill, 37; 10 days in jail with 10 days served, third-degree theft.

Tyler G. Larsen, 22; five days in jail with credit given for five days served, third-degree malicious mischief.

Chastity R. Maloney, 38; six days in jail with credit given for six days served, third-degree theft.

Randy S. Martin, 37; $1,000 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Ashley A. Mason, 29; $1,245 fine, two days in jail, 36 months probation, driving while intoxicated.