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GOP destroyed Affordable Care Act

Today the GOP destroyed the Affordable Care Act by axing the mandate that people must buy health insurance or pay a penalty. Insurance only works if risks and costs are spread over the population. Giving the “takers” an out means the whole thing will collapse and the GOP knows that. Now they will try to Band-aid it until the midterm elections are past, hoping it will save their sorry backsides. Then when the outlay to keep the Band-aid applied is too great, they will start gutting all programs that enable the non-rich to acquire health care and survive on their Social Security.

Their plan is blatantly obvious. I am telling my senators this quite firmly, “Do not play their game.” The GOP passed this tax scam to further enrich the already rich at the expense of the rest of the country. They own it and they must take responsibility for it.

Maureen Cunningham