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Another Il Duce

Our service people killed or horribly wounded in combat during World War II and the Cold War conflicts would surely be horrified at the state of our government today.

Citizens of those conflicts still with us must be truly dismayed that so many in Congress have forgotten that their primary loyalty is to this nation and to its Constitution and that their oath to protect both, rather than their own individual self-interests — and those of the economic pirates who own them. It’s truly difficult to conceive of a more immoral and soulless group, except, of course, for the president’s Russian “friends.”

Far too many have traded their honor to protect a president (appointed by Mr. Gerrymandering) who, if his duplicitous actions had taken place during the Cold War, would have been arrested for sedition for conspiring with our mortal enemy, the Soviet Union (read: today’s Russia).

Who would have thought that we would have such a preposterous reincarnation of Il Duce — complete with uplifted chin and an arrogant, grandly gesticulating demeanor, looking down his nose on the ill-informed and oblivious masses?

So here we go again, but now the enemy is us.

Donald O. Capstick



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