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CMR put corporations before constituents

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ support of Donald Trump’s treasonous tax bill is disgusting. She has permanently lost my support as a voter.

I don’t want a tax cut. I want bridges to be built, roads to be maintained, children to be fed, and seniors to be cared for. I want the needs of this country and its citizens to be met.

McMorris Rodgers put the desires of corporations before the needs of the people she is supposed to serve. Need I remind her that the tax cut I will receive is TEMPORARY while the tax cut to the richest people in the country is permanent? Yet she has the audacity to act as though this will benefit the little people? The people who rely on the programs that are being cut? McMorris Rodgers has come out in favor of this bill despite massive public outcry and has proven that she cares more about lining her own pockets with cash than she does about the citizens of America.

Alecks Tingley



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