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Ferguson defending our internet freedoms

I differ from Mr. Miller’s opinion (“Ferguson being childish,” Dec. 25), suggesting our attorney general Bob Ferguson is just being a nuisance to Trump over internet neutrality, when actually Mr. Ferguson is defending our First Amendment freedoms online. The internet has become the most important human communications tool in history, surpassing traditional media for its versatility and the freedom of how it can be accessed and used. It is that freedom the opponents of internet neutrality, the traditional media conglomerates, do not like so much.

One of the greatest features — perhaps the most important of the internet — is the users’ access and freedom of expression. We find all manner of places to communicate in business, discuss issues, create art, music, books, movies, games and more. The internet users have built this environment and we have done it without the need for the traditional media establishment or its bosses. The traditional media establishment, companies like Comcast, want to control, package and sell you the internet like cable television. The loss of internet neutrality makes it easier for them to cripple any user created internet site that would be a success without their consent.

I shall stand with Mr. Ferguson as he defends my freedom of speech.

David Cannon



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