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Destruction of public faith

If Trump is innocent, why does he act so guilty? If Republicans want justice, then why are they attacking the very foundations of justice? Case in point, Republican Rep. Francis Rooney calling for a purge in the FBI, falsely claiming political bias.

To me, Republican subversion of the FBI is an admission that Robert Mueller is getting too close to the truth, and as such, is an admission of Trump’s guilt. This reflects the fascist ideology of 1930s Germany, turning legal institutions into political arms of those who would destroy mechanisms meant to protect justice. Watch the film “Judgment at Nuremberg,” which depicts what happens when fascists take over the judiciary and impose a political faction form of rule as opposed to democracy and equality of all.

In a previous period in American history, the era of the Gilded Age, our government was run by the rich and the corporations and was called a plutocracy. Presently our government is run by the corporate interests of the rich, but is jaded by ultranationalism, racism, militarism, anti-intellectualism and xenophobia, and much power is invested in a single person who is solely interested in self-aggrandizement. This is not a plutocracy. This is fascism.

David Randall



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