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In stoking the fears and anger of the U.S. manufacturing workers, Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America.

Here’s the problem: There is nowhere to bring back the jobs from. The Knowledge@Wharton article titled “Can Trump - or Anyone - Bring Back American Manufacturing?” points out that “manufacturers have shed more than 7 million jobs while producing more stuff than ever. Eighty percent of lost jobs were not replaced by workers in China, but by machines and automation.”

In the article, Wharton emeritus professor of management Stephen J. Kobrin asks, “What happens when people realize they’ve been taken. When people realize he can’t bring back jobs and that they are not better off than they were two years ago?” Peter Thiel’s famous quote will absolutely resonate with them”: “We wanted flying cars and instead what we got was 140 characters.”

Promising to help the middle class but not delivering is the hallmark of the Republican president and Republican members of Congress. Remember that when you vote in 2018.

Michael L. McCarty



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