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I-1634 good for small business

There has been a lot of criticism of Initiative 1634 (Yes! To Affordable Groceries) in this paper, but I wanted to share why I signed up for the coalition and why I’m supporting this effort.

I was never misled as to the organizations making this campaign possible. But that’s not why I joined, and it’s not why 1,000 other small business owners signed on as well.

This initiative prevents local taxes on food and beverages, plain and simple. I know because I read the text of the initiative. And that is something I want to support because it is a common-sense step to protecting small businesses and keeping our lives in Spokane affordable.

I know and appreciate that local governments need to raise revenues to fund critical programs and services in our community. But I truly believe that the public needs to be protected from new fees and taxes on essential items that we require for our daily lives and to succeed as local businesses. I feel strongly about this initiative and am grateful that we get to share our opinion this fall by voting yes.

Derek M. Baziotis, Owner/ Operator Bene’s A.M. Fix, U. S. Navy Veteran, Washington Hospitality Association 6th District Ambassador



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