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Are we really trying to be great again?

Sadly, I am seeing our nation, once a country of law, becoming a country of “whatever you can get away with.” Dishonesty, bullying and sleazy behavior are now becoming the norm, and even praised! Our president could put Pinocchio to shame. Six men connected to him are guilty of felonies. In our own city, we have heard a tape of members of the U.S. Congress plotting to derail a legal investigation so they can remain in power. How is any of this making America great?

I would far prefer America to become a land of truth and honesty again. A land with a conscience and the courage and willingness to do the right thing. As the late Sen. John McCain once said, “We need to become a country that looks for solutions, not scapegoats.” A nation that lives up to the ideals our country was founded upon, with real liberty and justice for all. Maybe it’s not so hard to achieve if we have the resolve.

Jeff Bowers



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